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Being a leader is a demanding, yet rewarding, journey of continuous learning and development.

Each day brings new challenges and overcoming them is no mean feat.

We believe that armed with fresh perspectives, unbiased feedback and the support of their peers, leaders would be better equipped to navigate an ever-changing landscape.


We create ready-made peer groups of leaders who support each other, in real-time, on their leadership journeys. Together they go on a year-long experiential group coaching programme, online, designed and led by qualified leadership coaches.

How it works

A Realtime Sounding Board

A realtime
sounding board

Peers will be plugged into a readymade diverse group of leaders all facing similar challenges. A group who are eager to listen and support each other on their leadership journeys. It’s always easier to solve other people’s challenges than your own.
Carefully Curated Groups

Carefully curated

Each cohort will be made up of 8-12 peers, all hand-picked by us based on their situation and the challenges faced. We’ve created a safe space for peers to share with and support each other. We ensure each cohort is truly confidential, placing colleagues and competitors in separate groups.

Best-In-Class Coaches


The year-long programme consists of monthly 90-minute sessions. Taking place online, these will be led by one of our highly qualified and experienced leadership coaches. These exceptional facilitators will be on-hand to guide discussions, keep things focussed and ensure that everyone is well looked after.


This programme is for leaders with senior management responsibilities that want to become empowered leaders setting the pace in their organisations. This is not training. This is an action-oriented, experiential programme arming leaders with tangible, unbiased feedback and support from their peers.

Sarah is one of our experienced and qualified coaches at Peerspective. Her cohorts describe her as warm, friendly and energetic. She is passionate about helping leaders grow and develop.

A Peerspective Coach’s role is to facilitate an open and honest forum, a safe space where peers can go on the journey together. They will look to build a rapport and solid foundations of trust within the group, and ensure peers give supportive & considerate feedback to each other. They will steer the sessions, but the bulk of the action will come from the group.


Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The entire year-long Peerspective programme is only £850 per person. Typically, programmes of this nature would cost well into the thousands, but they don’t have to! We’re on a mission to build a community of empowered leaders which is accessible to everyone.

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