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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked


If you’ve got Peerspective, you’ve got the impartial feedback, support and wisdom of your peers to help you tackle anything and everything you face along your leadership and professional journey.

Our concept is simple: coach and be coached. You’ll be helping your peers solve their real challenges in real-time and in return they’ll be helping you.

You’ll discover multiple ways of solving any challenge. Finding new perspectives. Peerspective even.

This isn’t training. This is an action-oriented, experiential leadership programme, delivered online and facilitated by qualified leadership coaches.

No. This isn’t training. There are no slides. This is an action-oriented, experiential leadership programme, delivered online and facilitated by qualified leadership coaches.

We believe that there isn’t a right answer when it comes to leadership. There are a hundred different ways you can navigate each challenge and opportunity and much of that comes down to who you are, what values you hold and other unique factors relevant to your situation.

We park theory to one side. We’re not saying it isn’t important but you can read it in your own time. Instead Peerspective is all about real life – the nuances, the emotion, the personalities.

With Peerspective you’ll have a safe space to bring real life challenges and opportunities to the table and to be coached by your peers who’ll help you remove bias and emotion and you’ll leave with real life suggestions and ideas that you can take away and implement.

The Peerspective programme consists of 12 monthly 90-minute online sessions covering key aspects of leadership.

The first session, The IceBreaker, is a little longer at 2 hours as we take the time to get to know one another, break down barriers and start building solid foundations for the journey ahead.

It’s very much a participative experience. A place where people share real-life challenges and experiences and leave with relevant and tangible ideas, thoughts, opinions, support and feedback from their peers.

Several of our sessions are themed around major aspects of leadership and at the end of each quarter we have an open session to allow people to bring their own unique challenges to the table.

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Our programme is for both emerging and experienced leaders who want to become empowered leaders, setting the pace in their organisations.

There is no specific route or path you need to have taken and we welcome as much diversity into our groups as possible, especially of thought!

Whatever stage of your leadership journey you’re on, we’ll find the perfect group for you.

Peerspective is for leaders who are passionate about being the best leaders they can be; people who constantly challenge and develop themselves and who really value sharing fresh perspectives with their peers.

As you can imagine the key to having Peerspective lies in the bond you form with your peers so it’s crucial to give as much as you get.

So, if you’re willing to put in the time, effort and energy required to fully engage and commit to yourself, your peers and the programme then this is for you.

This is the question we get asked the most. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this because the process of curating our peer groups isn’t as simple as matching people based on their job titles alone. We do take them into account for all of 3 seconds and then work out what’s really under the bonnet.

We consider a wide variety of factors and delve deep to explore what challenges the leaders are facing, where they are on their leadership journey, what type of leaders they are, how they would contribute to a group and crucially how comfortable they would feel in a prospective group.

Ultimately whilst all of our leaders have the same aspirations of developing themselves and their fellow peers we are only as good as the groups we create so it’s fundamental that we get this right.

Typically the leaders that join our programme report into the CEO/MD or are one level below. In some cases, this may differ, especially in larger corporations.

It’s incredibly evident that leadership challenges transcend both industries and job functions.
A typical group will have leaders from a variety of functions like Operations, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Product and they will span a wide variety of industries.

In terms of company size we have leaders from start ups and scale ups all the way to large corporations.

Finally, a good group is a diverse group and we look to ensure all of our groups have diversity in all shapes and sizes and a big factor for us is diversity of thought.

Absolutely! It’s essential that all our participants feel comfortable to open up to their peers without fear of judgement or what they say ever leaving the room.

Our coaches do a great job of creating a culture of trust and openness to facilitate our participants sharing really open and honest thoughts, challenges and emotions.

Our programme is for leaders and when you’re a leader you understand the importance of showing respect, decency, empathy and ultimately all of our participants play a role in creating and maintaining a safe.

Of course it’s entirely up to you as to how much you want to share and you don’t have to open up fully right from the beginning if you don’t want to.

We understand every leader is extremely busy, but we don’t feel it’s our job to twist your arm into finding 90 mins a month to focus on yourself and develop as a leader.

It should go without saying that developing as a leader and having your own personal think tank of leaders to call upon is not meant to have a negative impact on your time.

If leadership development is a priority for you right now then we’re here to help you take the next step on your journey.


This is one of the most important things we do and as a result we really like to go the extra mile.

In order to get the best ‘Peer Factor’ in each group we look at a whole host of different criteria (and yes that includes looking at your job title for a few seconds until we get to know the real you!)

We’ve designed our onboarding process to ensure that each group has the optimal dynamics to be certain that everyone gets the very most from the programme.

We start with an onboarding form. Here we get a baseline understanding of you, your company and where you are on your leadership journey but it’s not enough!

Next up is a chemistry call where we get the story behind the onboarding form. The insight you get when someone articulates the answers they put on a form is incredibly valuable in our process.

Finally after making sure that each group is well balanced we finalise the groups with our head coaches.

Our groups have between 8 and 12 leaders.

We find this is the optimum balance between diversity and intimacy between the groups.

The programme lasts 12 months but we’d like to think you’d stay in touch with your peer group for years to come.

Peerspective sessions take place monthly during working hours.

Yes, as much as this benefits you personally, your development as a leader is almost certainly giving a big boost to your company and team and therefore our sessions take place during working hours.

The sessions take place at a similar time and day each month, for example the last Thursday at 10am, and they are mapped out in advance and put into your calendar.

It’s so crucial to protect this time in your diaries. These sessions are a great chance for you to stop, reflect and take some time out of your busy schedules to focus on yourselves. You’ll thank us for it.

Yes it is! This allows us to increase the diversity of our groups by removing any geographical barriers. It also saves you time from commuting and means you can access it instantly.

In time we will be launching live events and programmes.

Absolutely! Having the support and wisdom of your peers doesn’t solely have to take place during your sessions.

We provide each group access to their very own digital safe space where you can continue discussions with your peers in real-time. You’re also free of course to pick up the phone, meet up and communicate by any other means.

No. The whole programme is carried out online

We have leaders from the likes of DHL, Remy Cointreau, Depop, Deloitte, Catawiki as well as many up and coming startups and scale ups like Judopay, iTech Media, Talentful and Fan Finders.

Each group is led by one of our highly qualified and experienced leadership coaches. These exceptional facilitators will guide discussions, keep things focussed and ensure that everyone gets the very most from the programme.

Our coaches go through a rigorous process to become a Peerspective coach. We make sure that they can immediately create a trusting and safe environment for leaders to explore and feel comfortable in.

Between each session we’ll send you some info to get your head into the zone and you can read, watch and listen to these at your own leisure.

The real homework comes in the form of you taking the ideas, suggestions and learnings from your sessions and putting them into practice in your day to day.

Signing Up

We start a new intake each quarter to allow us the time to curate our groups. If you sign up towards the end of a window for that intake we may not have a group available for you and you will need to wait for the following intake. We make no sacrifices when it comes to building our groups.

Our next deadline is 31st August 2021.

Each intake has a set amount of places and therefore the sooner you sign up in the quarter the more chance you have of securing a place.

If we don’t have a group for you then you wont go on the programme this time around.

It couldn’t be simpler! Just click here and you’ll have the choice of registering either yourself, your colleagues or both.

After you’ve completed the signup form we’ll kick off the onboarding process by sending over an onboarding form. Once you’ve completed this you’ll be invited to book in a chemistry call which completes your part of the sign up process.

The programme costs £850 plus vat.

If you are considering self-funding then get in touch as we wouldn’t want you to suffer the VAT because your company won’t fund you or if you choose to fund the programme yourself.
We don’t think it should cost a fortune to develop your leadership skills.

We’ve carefully designed our programme to yield maximum impact whilst remaining accessible to all.

You’re serious about developing as a leader.

You’re willing to put in the time, effort and energy required to fully engage and commit to yourself, your peers and the programme.

You can pay either via credit card or invoice.

Our first priority is to make sure all our participants have an amazing experience and to that end if someone isn’t happy we will do our absolute best to understand why and rectify any issues as soon as possible. However this is a two way street. In order to get the most out of the programme we ask you to put in the time, effort and energy required to participate and develop yourself and others during our sessions.

If unfortunately we are unable to rectify the issue then we will make an appropriate decision at the time.

If in the reasonable opinion of our coaches, you’re negatively impacting the group and it’s learning, we’ll give you a chance to rectify this first. However if you’re still not able to positively participate, we’ll have to ask you to leave the programme. In this situation, no refund is possible.

As our programme is a year long commitment it’s crucial that the entire peer group is equally committed from the start.

If you have issues with this please let us know.

If we have a suitable peer group for you, yes.

If we don’t then you’ll need to wait till the following intake but don’t worry as you’ll take one of the first seats in the new groups.

We strongly believe that your company should be supporting your professional development. Arming a leader with the power of their peers for £850 is a steal!

Ready-made peer groups don’t grow on trees and especially curated ones whose purpose is to help each other be better leaders.