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Before you pay the subscription fee for our 12 month programme on the participant’s behalf, we would like to make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions that apply.

We have separately entered into a contract with each participant which apply to our provision of the programme to the participant, a copy of which are available here.

In summary of the terms applicable to the subscription fee, please note the following:

·       In order to complete the participant’s registration, you must pay the subscription fee prior to the start of the programme.

·       If you have not paid the subscription fee by the time the participant has received their first session of the programme, we will remove the participant from the programme without notice.

·       The subscription fee is the price quoted on our website at the time of registration but note that we do reserve the right to amend the subscription fee at any time. If we offer a promotional price, this will be subject to the terms of each individual promotion.

·       All prices stated are exclusive of value added tax or equivalent tax chargeable in the UK or elsewhere. Where value added or equivalent tax is payable in respect of some or all of the programme, you must pay us such additional amounts at the applicable rate when requested to do so.

·       If there is a date or dates the participant is unable to attend, whilst we will try our best to accommodate them, we are under no obligation to rearrange any date or dates or issue any refund for dates they are unable (or fail) to attend.

·       If the participant ceases to be employed or professionally engaged by you during the term of the programme, we are not obliged to offer you a refund for the remainder of the programme.

·       If the participant is found to be in breach of the contract, we may remove them from the programme with immediate effect and you will not be entitled to a refund of the subscription fee paid.

·       The subscription fee and the circumstances in which you may be entitled to a refund will remain entirely at our discretion.


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