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The Programme

Month 1 - Icebreaker

Building trust and laying the groundwork for an open an honest environment is crucial as you embark on this leadership journey with your peers.

Month 2 - Authentic leadership & living your values

Authentic leaders inspire, motivate and take people with them. They foster exceptional cultures of high performance, engagement and loyalty. Living and breathing your values is the best way of achieving this.

Month 3 - Round up

A progress review of the 1st quarter plus an open session to deal with any issues of your choice.

Month 4 - Managing your mindset & emotions

Your mind is a powerful tool, and when you’re in full control of it, you’re the master of your emotions. Your state of mind is often the difference between optimum and poor performance.

Month 5 - Growing & motivating your team

Not every leader is the same, and not every member of your team is either. How can you draw on your own skills to better motivate, engage and cultivate a high performing team?

Month 6 - Roundup

A progress review of the 2nd quarter plus an open session to deal with any issues of your choice.

Month 7 - Time Mastery

We all have the same amount of time - but what we manage to achieve with it can vary significantly. Liberating this precious resource is about understanding your challenges and taking back control.

Month 8 - Taking care of yourself

As your career progresses, the pressure will only grow. Work responsibility can become your singular focus, and if you don’t ensure your own welfare isn’t compromised, your performance will suffer too.

Month 9 - Roundup

A progress review of the 3rd quarter plus an open session to deal with any issues of your choice.

Month 10 - Handling difficult situations

All leaders face difficult situations. These can be daunting and require strong resolve. Knowing how to handle tense moments can make all the difference for you, your team and the business.

Month 11 - Managing up

Managing up makes your manager’s (and your) job easier. Bringing yourself closer to their day to day challenges, and sharing the risks and opportunities as they see them allows you to practice navigating and influencing people who approach work differently than you.

Month 12 - Close out

A progress review of the final quarter plus a look back on what we’ve achieved over the course of the programme.